Connecting Somerville community members to each other and to the Green Line Extension planning process.

Recent Community Activity

  • ThumbnailVideo: This is a mini documentary about why youth in Somerville don't have jobs. We made a mini skit in the begininng to depict the problem, and we interviewed older people ...
    Shared by AidanThomas on July 3rd 2012
  • ThumbnailVideo: Students from Somerville High School voice their concerns about the MBTA fare increase by making a video called, "Is the fare unfair?" What do YOU think? Share your thoughts and ...
    Shared by acharyaprajwal001 on July 2nd 2012
  • Idea: uiot
    Shared by scovian on July 2nd 2012
  • Photo or Video: We asked Gilman Square residents what they want in their neighborhood, and here's what we heard! (Carnaval @ SomerStreets 2012)
    Shared by mmajid on June 12th 2012
  • ThumbnailVideo: Youth from the Mystic Learning Center in Somerville, MA voice their concerns about preserving public transportation in the Boston area. Produced in March 2012 at Somerville Community Access TV.
    Shared by mmajid on March 28th 2012
  • Meeting Note: On February 29th, Community Corridor Planning (CCP) held its 2012 Community-Wide Assembly at the Capuano School—a high-energy and interactive community meeting that highlighted CCP’s equity-based campaigns from the past year. ...
    Shared by mmajid on March 22nd 2012
  • Newspaper Article: Hubway agreement near Officials from the city of Somerville and the Hubway bicycle sharing program are close to signing an agreement that could bring as many as eight bike stations ...
    Shared by Christian S. on March 22nd 2012